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LP.POS.0097 - Accessories for looms
Weft feeders HT ROJ Electrotex, At 1200 Roj Electrotex, Heald frames for Dornier and Sulzer looms.
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Sulzer Projectile Model PU or TW11 - Transformation from single to split beam
We have available 12 complete second hand sets of modification from single beam to split beams for 153" ( 3.900 mm.)
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LP.POS.0007 - Loptex Auto leveller
04 Pcs Loptex Auto leveller
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LP.POS.0013 - Mesdan Splicers
112 Mesdan Splicers available for sale
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LP.POS.0016 - Vouk spare parts
Used Vouk spare parts
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LP.POS.0106 - Accessories for looms
Weft feeders ROJ Electrotex,IRO Laser,Tecnomatex,ROJ electrotex Super ELF and electrical boxes IRO laser, ROJ electrotex West 1000,
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Machinery Highlights
LP.POS.0038 - Machines in stock
Various Marzoli machines available in stock for immediate sale
LP.POS.0164 - E5/3 RIETER Sliver Lap
2 E5/3 Rieter Sliver lap
LP.POS.0032 - SH2 Vouk Drawing frames re-built
5 SH2 Vouk Drawing frames available for immediate sale.
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