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If you wish to contact us or you could not find a specific information in our website, please feel free to contact us, via phone, fax or email or if you prefer just fill the form with the information you need.
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Lusopartes Contacts

Rua da Gandra, Nº3
4805-413 Ronfe
Guimarães / Portugal

Pho: +351 253 420 100
Fax:  +351 253 513 036
Skype: lusopartesportugal

Email: lusopartes@lusopartes.com
Web: http://www.lusopartes.com/

Machinery Highlights
LP.POS.0136 - Rieter G5/1 D Spinning Frames
12 Rieter G5/1 D Spinning Frames
LP.POS.0002 - Dornier Rapier Looms
32 Dornier GTN6 SD Rapier looms
LP.POS.0257 - F5 D Rieter Roving frames
02 F5 D Rieter Roving Frames
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